Covid-19 Updates

Due to the current environment, carriers have established temporary guidelines for new cases. Many ages and table ratings are being temporarily postponed. 

In addition to these postpones, carriers have implemented changes such as expanding death benefits for accelerated underwriting programs, providing exam substitution options for clients that have recently seen a physician, product changes, etc. These updates and guidelines are included in the link below. These approaches are subject to change as the situation continues to evolve, we will provide any necessary updates.

 Carrier Underwriting Updates

It is imperative that we bring solutions for your client to secure life insurance coverage while maintaining their health, safety and comfort. Our goal is to make you aware of the Accelerated Underwriting Programs available to your client, to avoid having an examiner visit their home. Please click the below link for a brief overview of each carrier’s program and criteria. Please note, all carriers reserve the right to request an exam or medical records, if needed. 

Accelerated Programs Availability

Please see link below for a list of carriers that accept Docusign and electronic signatures.

Carrier Docusign & Electronic Signature


Please consult with a member of the Daly Brokerage team prior to submitting a new application.

Our goal is to continue providing support to you in an effort to secure life insurance protection for your clients.