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Understanding Your Life Insurance Options

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Global Atlantic - Exchange Term to Perm within 36 months of policy issue date Up to 1M - Max. Issue Age 65

Symetra - Exchange Term for Perm when issued within the last 5 years. Up to $1M - Max. Issue Age 65

Nationwide - Up to 2.5M Term & Perm program - allows clients with an eligible term policy to buy new coverage with out current medical requirements. Term does not have to be exchanged



PRINCIPAL - Accelerated Underwriting (Up to 1M, any term or perm, NO labs, exam, APS)
MUTUAL OF OMAHA - Express Issue (Up to 300K, GUL, Term (10,15,20,30), WL, Final Expense - NO labs, exam, APS)
SBLI/Centrian - Accelerated Underwriting (up to 500K, any term NO labs or exams)
BANNER - A-List Term (Up to 3M with just 1 medical question - Groups of 25 or more)
AMERICAN NATIONAL - Underwriting Express (Up to 250K)



AMERICAN GENERAL - Guaranteed Issue Whole Life - (Up to 25K)

MUTUAL OF OMAHA - Guaranteed Advantage - Accident Only (Up to 500K)

UNITED HOME LIFE - Guaranteed Issue Whole Life (Up to 10K)



Client Profiler

Policy Review Kit

Beneficiary Review

2017 Tax Reference Guide 2017 from John Hancock 

LTC COST OF CARE  from Genworth 

VITALITY credits are bringing more life into life insurance with John Hancock  

AIG QLAC White Paper

AIG QLAC Product Snapshot

Alternate Uses of LTC Rider - Nationwide
Explores non-traditional uses and benefits of a LTC rider on both single and joint life policies. 
Non-Qualified Employee Retention - Principal
Reviews business owner strategies to reward and retain key employees. 
S.L.A.T. - Prudential
Explains a popular tax-favored strategy to accumulate, access & transfer wealth. 
Re-Imagining Income Replacement - John Hancock
Redesigns the traditional thought process for the replacement income needed in retirement.
Smooth Sailing on Uncertain Waters- AXA
Proves how cash value life insurance will provide clients peace of mind by preserving retirement assets
Generational Insights - AIG
Opens your eye to how understanding generational differences can help grow your sales
Underwriting Update & “Ask an Underwriter”-Lincoln
Provides an update on industry trends as well as an opportunity to “Ask an Underwriter.”  
Smart Money -North American 
Understand how your clients can control and access money during times of need.
Basis Planning - Protective
Learn the nuances of intergenerational planning covering a variety of wealth transfer and planning strategies.


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